January 10, 2014

Hello It's Me.

Wow, it's been a while--three months since I last posted.

Time just sort of got away... I've been busy, and a lot of what I was working on didn't really seem like the kind of thing to put on the blog--or, if it was blog-worthy, it was also a Christmas gift. And (while it wasn't totally, technically, a Christmas gift) most of my time these last few months was taken up working on this:
It's the third one of these that I've made, and there's been just enough time in between each one that I forget how long they take and how tedious they are. So this time I'm putting it in writing: I swear, I am not making another one of these stockings unless it's for my own kid.

This one was for my dad. (It has his name embroidered on the top, of course, but I've Photoshopped it out because names are private and that's how I am.) He was the only one in our family that didn't have his own stocking. I'm the only other one with a Bucilla (I'm the oldest, so my mom had time with me; for the other girls she didn't), but everyone else at least had their name and some degree of personalization. For years Dad has had to make do with an ugly crocheted stocking made by mom's ex-sister-in-law's mother. And for years he's put on a big fuss every time we get the stockings out, or even talk about doing so. It's mostly for show, but it was also kind of obvious that he felt a little bad and would've liked one for himself.

This year I hid the stocking in the closet with the others, and instead of Mom getting them out as usual, we asked Dad to do it. He didn't even realize it was his at first. Then he did, and it was great to watch. He was so pleased and proud. He showed it to everyone who visited.

It was my favorite gift that I gave this Christmas--in quite a few Christmases, actually.

All my Christmas gifts were handmade this year (same as the year before), but I don't really have pictures this time. Mom got a fancy scarf (she loves scarves). My sisters got a skirt and a hooded sweatshirt, each patterned with their favorite animals. I made my grandmother a set of stamped jar candles... and, yeah, probably gonna stick with needlework in the future and never make candles again. Though they did eventually turn out.

So that's my Christmas post.

Then, for the end of the year, I was going to do some sort of an annual wrap-up, but I'm kind of realizing that's not going to happen, and if I wait to do it, it'll probably be another three months before I post again. So what I will say is this: I probably blogged less than half of what I sewed in 2013, but I did actually keep a written list of everything. The list tells me that I sewed about 30 items in 2013, the same as 2012, which was kind of surprising, but I guess a lot of them were small. And one of them was a miniature pink unicorn purse, which I think we can all agree is pretty much the raddest thing ever.

(It was not a personal item, rather a gift for a six-year-old, but every time I think about it, a part of me really wishes I'd kept it for myself.)

Now, I'm working on putting together a sewing/crafting plan for 2014. Right now it mostly consists of "finish UFOs, get rid of scraps, and god, make a garter belt already," but lots of people are talking about sewing with very intentional plans/guidelines, and I'll probably try to set up some sort of semi-structured plan for myself soon. So that maybe this year I'll actually make things I'll wear and wear the things I make.

I have no sewing projects at the moment--right now (probably spurred by how nicely and quickly my mom's Christmas scarf made up) I'm trying to get rid of all the leftover yarn balls I've accumulated over the years. I spent some time on Ravelry and got a bunch of crochet (I can't knit) books from the library, and of course now I want to buy much more yarn so I can make the bigger projects. But so far I've abstained, made three beanies, and am now working on this beret:
bruges beret

It's the Saturday Beret from Clever Crocheted Accessories, edited by Brett Bara (on Ravelry here) if anyone's interested. I haven't decided yet if it'll be for me or my sister (or no one); I guess it depends on how it turns out.

Um I've forgotten how to end a post. This is the end of the post I guess. Back soon, hopefully!


  1. That unicorn bag is priceless. I love it.

    1. Oh, thanks! I'm reallllly thinking I might need to make another one...