April 6, 2012

The New Buckle

So. I wasn't happy with the belt I made for my Betty Draper dress (part of the Mad Men challenge at the Sew Weekly). Specifically, I wasn't happy with the buckle. It didn't match.

On the advice of several SW contributors, I decided to remake it. I love fabric covered buckles, and I certainly own enough kits (and I even dug up some white grommets) but for some reason I was really resisting a fabric covered buckle. I dunno. I had a lot of thoughts and had just about decided that I could make something work--at least it'd be better than the current buckle--and then I found this. It's plain white plastic, labeled vintage, but who knows. The style, at least, does look vintage to me, but to be honest, in this case, I don't really care when it was made. I think it goes with the dress and the buttons perfectly. I'm very happy.
new buckle
Here the new and old are side by side. If you can't tell which is which... hm.

Yes, of course I had to make a new belt, too, not just swap out the buckles. Even if the new buckle weren't wider, the original belt has grommet holes at the end, and there's no prong in the new buckle. Now I have two belts, because even though I'll never wear the old one, I can't bring myself to destroy it. I guess that means I'll just have to think of someplace new to use the buckle: a new project. That'll do it.

PS Since the new buckle cost only $0.65, versus the old buckle's $0.75, the full price of the dress has now been lowered by ten cents to $4.65. Yesss.

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