February 7, 2012

Christmas, Late.

So, when I said a while ago that I'd sewn four Christmas gifts, all of which I'd neglected to photograph, I lied. I actually sewed three Christmas gifts, all of which I neglected to photograph, and gave my mom a piece of fabric (and an explanatory note) that I hadn't had time to sew into a new nightshirt. (Lest you think I'm too terrible a daughter, I also gave her a knife sharpener. And some granola. She really needed the knife sharpener.)

I was going to say 'long story short,' but there's not much to this story. I sewed up the shirt a few weeks ago, and gave it to her when she came to visit last weekend--she was delighted when she saw it hanging up on the wall.
I used Colette's free Sorbetto pattern, along with the Sorbetto sleeve drafted by Claire at Sew Incidentally. It's for a cap sleeve; I just extended it straight as far as I had fabric for. And... I must have miscalculated somewhere along the line, because even though I bought a yard and a half of fabric, more than I thought I'd need (the pattern calls for only one yard)... well, this shirt was supposed to be long-sleeved. In retrospect, I guess it makes sense that, even using the same pattern, making a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt for my mom would require more fabric than a semi-fitted sleeveless top made for myself. Sigh.

Sleeve length (and timing) aside, everything went well. The Sorbetto was, as before, very easy to put together. And, as before, it yielded a kind of boxy garment, but since I was making a flannel nightshirt, I figured that was okay. Since I didn't know Mom's precise size, the fit is rather loose (actually, almost off the shoulder), but that's how she likes her sleepwear--so, again, okay. I don't know how often she'll wear it, especially since the elbow-length sleeves mean it won't be as warm as it should have been, but considering this is a woman who still wears the play-doh necklaces my sisters and I made in first grade, I think she'll probably, at the very least, pull it out from time to time when I'm around. Next year I'll do a better job.

Oh. And check that self-made bias tape. I can't decide if it was harder to do with flannel or easier. Some of both, I think.

Finally, I must admit my favorite thing about the whole shirt and sewing process: the fabric, entirely unintentionally, perfectly matches Mom's already existing pajama pants. Yesss.

I'll leave you with project details:
Fabric: 1 1/2 yards plaid flannel from Thimbles Fabric n' More, ~$12
Pattern: Colette Sorbetto and sleeve, both free
Year: 2011 pattern; new fabric
Notions: self-made bias tape
Sewing soundtrack: can't remember
First worn: She wore it Saturday night.
Wear again: Maybe?
Total cost: ~$12.00

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